San Antonio, Texas

I heard Ken at the McDonald's store on Vance Jackson say a negative 4 letter word. I am a customer.

I saw him wash a table barely. I could see the streaks of the non washed table in the light. He used that rag over and over and over again. I saw that he did not wash the bench of this table of crusty looking crumbs.

I told him. He ignored me and walked away. I saw a customer come in and sit down on those crumbs. Those crumbs looked like the crumbs of chicken nuggets--oily.

Will that customer go home and *** his pants and wonder why he has oily stains on them? Will he remember that he ate at McDonald's only that day?

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Sure, he wasn't a good employee, but you weren't a good customer either. It's not your place to tell people how to do their job.

Seriously, it doesn't matter what job or workplace it is, you're lucky he didn't tell you off and was nice by ignoring you.

That's why you go to the manager because it is their place to tell them how to do the employee's job.


What exactly does the employee using a four letter word have to do with you unless it was said to you? Furthermore, being you were trying to act like his boss/supervisor by pointing out things he should do, you probably would have had it coming.

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