11421 S Halsted St, Chicago, IL 60628, USA
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I went to McDonalds on 115th and halsted in chicago, il on a sunday at the beginning of the month. I went through the drivethru, not only did i stay in line for over 15 minutes this terrible thing occurred.

i ordered1 hot coffee 1 cold coffee 4 hash browns and 3 parfaits. I get to the window to get my food, the workers pass me my cold coffee and the lid comes off, i tell the workers look this top is not on the coffee please make sure yall putting it on there. The young lady passes me the hot coffee the top is not on there all the way and spills on my hands my thigh and my car. They never apologized, they handed me another coffee, one of the young ladies say, I told you to make sure the lid was on the coffee.

They never apologized or anything. To make matters worse, I get home and my cold coffee is not even made correctly. I call corporate to complain, 1 week later i get a call from the "franchise" owner assoc or some crap and the lady tells me she is sorry and she is sending me some cards in the mail. They sent me 3 cards for A breakfast, lunch, or dinner sandwich that can only be used at 5 locations in Illinois.

WTF!!! i dont even eat meat from mcdonalds and how cheap is that, how rude is that, they give 3 free sandwiches for being burned!!!!!

Smh the world we live in. And the Corporations we do business with.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Customer Care.

Reason of review: customer service, lack of empathy and how the situation was handled.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

Preferred solution: a REAL gift card and a real written apology..

McDonalds Cons: Having hot coffee spilled on me.

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Why should you get a gift card just because you cannot afford to eat at Mcdonald's?


Who said I couldn’t afford McDonald’s if the same thing happened to you would complain and expect something especially a REAL apology... moron


You are begging for a refund for food you ate. You cannot afford to dine there. You had no issue eating the food so you should have no issue paying.


Anybody can afford to eat at McDonald's. Even a dumpster diver can go around all day collecting cans and bottles and be able to go eat at McDonald's.

That;s why they are so popular, because anybody can afford to go there. They have any size soft drinks for only a dollar.

You can use :Booger King" coupons there and really get a good deal. And everyone feels welcome there because no one makes you feel like you aren't good enough to be there.


Lol @ "Super" offend.


Ok I get it, but $1500??? That's a WTF

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