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I have visited the McDonald's at 1406 s 71st in tulsa two times in 2months. My visit on 10/22/12 will be my last.

Each visit the food has come out like it was either double fried or it had been sitting for awhile. You could tell thr oil it was fried in was old also. My salad was good but the nuggets were for a 3 year old boy who would not eat them after the first taste. Now you know thats bad.

I wii say that I am a regular customer of the Mcdonalds in sand springs okla and have never had problems there.

Love the employees. One employee named Christine is always helpful and Julio a manager I think has always been polite and my grandchildren love that resturant

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Manager.

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save yourself from a few heart attacks and just don't eat there again.


Most fast food places use their oil for a certain amount of time. As far as some of the food tasting like it had been sitting awhile, that happens at fast food places.

They also go through and sort out what has been sitting for too long and get rid of it. They don't even let employees eat it.

I have never heard of food being double fried. It could be that the oil should have been changed, but it isn't always convenient to get it done exactly at the time it might should be done.

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