Huntsville, Alabama

Went to McDonalds on May 18th, 2013 around 830pm. There was a line wrapped around the building in the drive-thru.

Inside I found 10-12 black teens sitting/standing at the two bistro tables across from the counter. They were cutting in line in front of people waiting to order. The dining area was empty but for two people. The female manager should have asked them to move to the dining area instead of creating a congested area at the counter.

I was there probably 10 minutes (never got to the counter) and got tired of this and left. They knew I was pissed when I left and let out an audible "To *** with this!"

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Manager.

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I'm white and I found this peppered with racism, yet I agree with you, black people are troublemakers.


I wonder, would this person be as pissed if it were a bunch of white kids? I mean really, was the fact they were black even relevant to the complaint? I don't think so....


It always turns to a race thing. Like i said, dress like rappers that "unload clips" on people and ur gonna be judged.

If u dont want to be judged then pull ur pants up, enunciate your words where people can actually understand you, and show otheres respect. Blacks want respect without showing any, and feel like whitr people owe them. Even if we did owe you, with all the black people that live for free with their 8 babies off my tax money... you would have BEEN got ur pay back.

Sorry for such long comments it just *** me off when people are surprised someone called a bothersome group of *** spooks thugs. ITS CUZ THATS WHAT YALL ALL WANT TO BE AINT IT?

THUG LIFE! so *** ***


They said they were cutting in line. And maybe if they were white they would have sense and respect.

U dont hear country songs talkin about sellin drugs, thuggin, and shootin, so yeah, black people give themselves stereotypes and then want to be treated equally. If u dress like the people in rap videos that ate about shooting and drugs, damnright im gonna jugde you, you should know better. Every "problem" they have is their own fault. And i wish someone would bring up slavery around me!

Like whote people or many other races werent enslaved long brfore africans. Grt the *** over it


What makes you think the teenagers were thugs?


Would the black teens still been thugs if they were white? Since when is talking and hanging out with freinds a crime!