Harpers Ferry, West Virginia

I live in WV and my friends were visiting from TN and they were told "If you were making fun of me ordering, I'm not taking it down". My husband and I live within less than a minute from McDonalds within distance of a local, popular casino, Charles Town Races & Hollywood Casino and they made fun of my friend from Tennessee.

I'm quite upset and I will order from Ranson from now on which is within 2 minutes from our home..the location we went to first is within a minute..it's riduclous...within less than a minute from the local Casino, Charles Town Races and Hollwood Casino, that is less than a minute from me. I am quite, extremely dissapointed.

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I guess this is confusing. Exactly what happened?

These distances from your home are not relevant. Help us out.

First Born Triplet

I am confused as well, was the employee complaining about being made fun of by the customer or was it the other way around. If the customer was making fun of the employee they are allowed to refuse service.