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This McDonald's experience was single-handedly the worst visit, of a cumulation of visits over the course of 20 years. I ordered a cheeseburger with NO onions, due to me being allergic, a McChicken with NO lettuce, since I don't eat lettuce, and a #2 with Large fries, with NO salt, and big mac sauce on the side. Upon receiving my food and checking it, I saw that everything was completely incorrect. My McChicken appeared to have EXTRA LETTUCE, was sloppily slapped together. My cheeseburger that was supposed to have NO ONIONS, contained ONE SINGLE ONION which one Manager informed me it was only ONE ONION, and it was OK. MY fries had salt on them, and there was no Big Mac sauce in my bag.

One manager inspected my food, after I alerted him it was a problem. The other manager who was cooking poked his head from around the back and yelled, "did you have a McChicken and this cheeseburger" while handing them to the apparently confused female cashier, with his blue gloves on. Upon inspecting this burger, I noticed the burger patty was lighter than normal, and appeared to be undercooked. I called for a manager again, and the other manager who was cooking walked from the back, while still wearing his blue cooking gloves, and stated that he made the burger and there was nothing wrong with it. He actually argued with me back and forth over the fact of it being acceptable! At this time, I still had YET TO RECEIVE, my McChicken, my fries with no salt, and my big mac sauce. After growing tired of dealing with the rude, lackadaisical managers, and the confused cashiers, I requested a refund. I asked the manager his name, and he refused to give me his name, stating when I called corporate they would know who was there. He even went as far to say that I was one customer and wouldn't stop his show. With over one billion served i'm sure I don't make a difference to him, but to McDonald's the corporation I speak for the one billion served in saying this type of thing can not and should never happen again. I expect friendly service, great, neat, hot food served in a timely manner, and when I have a issue, I expect it to be resolved in a professional manner.

If you know better, do better.

13105 Montfort Dr, Dallas Texas 75240

Telephone # 972) 233-5952 Store # 1755

KS #3 September 18, 2014 Thursday 21:01

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Cheeseburger.

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