Anderson, South Carolina
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I went with the drive thru for breakfast at around 9:30am. Wanted a Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Bagel with the Breakfast Sauce on the side. Then I had to have a 5 minute conversation about how McDonalds does indeed have "Breakfast Sauce". The woman at the drive thru and the manager looked at me like I was crazy. I've never been to a McDonald's without Breakfast Sauce, it makes the Bagel Sandwich actually taste good.

When I got home the bagel was burned, dry, and to my dislike still without the Breakfast Sauce.

I brought it back in, still asking for the sauce, telling them why I didn't want to eat the charred, dry bagel. The manager gave me a snide glance, balled up my receipt immediately and threw it away.

I got the remade bagel, still expecting the sauce on there. The manager told me after I confronted her again that the three McDonalds around here do not stock Breakfast Sauce. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! But the one just by the interstate, she said, would probably have it. Well I'm not driving an extra 5 miles to ANOTHER McDonalds in the same zip code for some sauce. Why the *** don't you have it?! Are you lazy? ***? Childish? Yes.

Breakfast Sauce is listed on McDonalds Menu, Ingredients List, and Recipes. Don't treat me like an *** because you're the fool. Worst McDonalds management. EVER.

The girl at the front counter was nice though. She actually made eye contact with me.

Check out the attached Menu/Ingredients list...

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Sandwich.

Monetary Loss: $10.

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OMFG You're kidding right? THEY TOLD YOU THEY DON'T HAVE IT.

Did you want them to pull it out of their *** just to please you? What is the point of standing there making a fool of yourself? If they don't have it, they don't have it.

If you want it THAT bad, go somewhere that DOES have it instead of throwing a tantrum and stamping your feet like a toddler. :roll


The point is they never said they didn't actually serve the sauce until I went in a third time.


There's no tantrum going on. I was perfectly honorable in the store.

But was treated like a ***. Do you know the purpose of this website?

"Keep the topic of messages relevant to the subject.

Personal attacks will be deleted."


Well, you're clearly an ***, so you received the treatment you deserved. The only question here is...why are you so surprised?


At the bottom of what you gave a link for it also says at participating McDonalds. Any of these franchises can be owned by the same owner(I mean even ones in different towns can have the same owner) and still not carry the exact same menu items. If you want something special and are going to have a fit about it drive further to get what you want or else quit complaining.


The participation was fixated on the availability of the Sandwich, not the key ingredient. Read it clearly


"Well I'm not driving an extra 5 miles to ANOTHER McDonalds in the same zip code for some sauce'. Why the *** don't you have it?!

Are you lazy? ***?

Childish? Yes."

I see you practice you're own preaching :x


I see no relevance towards the subject.