Tampa, Florida

253 East State Street, Jacksonville FL. Terrible place.

Looks nice on the outside. Went in and went to the bathroom to wash my hands, both soap dispensers were broken off the walls, had to just rinse Ordered a double quarter pounder meal and stepped aside. I asked the cashier for my cup to get my drink she told me " it comes out with your food", I've been to thousands of McDonalds and never heard that. Got my food, went to get kethup, both kethup dispensers were completly empty so I had to ask for some packets, sat down and had to return my burger for being a quarter pounder and not a double quarter pounder.

The same cashier tried arguing with me saying " you said a quarter ponder" even though the receipt was right on the box. So I ended up finally eating 10 minutes later. Did I mention how trashed the place was inside?

One cashier, 12 employees standing around talking, doing no work. Stick with burger king.

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That Store will soon have new employees. There are many people that would take their jobs.


The cup being handed out with your food is a new policy that is being implemented. 2,800 stores currently do it.

McDonald's is releasing an app soon that allows you to order your food online and then come pick it up, so to get in the habit of it, mcdonalds is giving customers their cup with their food.

And honestly, it's a cup. You can wait.

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