Tampa, Florida

Why does has this organization/icon lost its touch??


I recently made a purchase on the night of 10/28/11. My order or mer # is 46370302. I placed an order for a meal with an extra order of fries. The clerk told me that it would be about two minutes to wait on fresh fries. It appeared to be less that two minutes as i received my food. I noticed that I was short an order of fries. I honked my horn a few times until I flagged down an associate to distribute my second order of fries. My main complaints are as follow: the gentleman who delivered my order appeared displeased. I thanked him and he responded to me "yup!!" I felt that being unecessary. The manager who delivered my additional order of fries gave me cold fries which I was furious. My sandwich was dry and stale. I don't need any compensation for this unpleasant experience. I will in fact deliver a message of Mc Donalds being disrupt and rude. I paid for a service and what I received in return was unexceptional and unacceptable to say the least!! This organization is an icon or was a great icon.




Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Sandwich.

Monetary Loss: $8.

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Havent you learned your lesson? DO NOT *** WITH PEOPLE MAKING YOUR FOOd!!




Oh now you mean McDonalds, where they hire absolutely any person applies, you were displeased with your service


After waiting almost ten minutes in the "overflow " line at the drive through I walked in with my two drinks ( that I didnt get straws with) and told them to kindly give me back my money...the manager asked me if I still wanted the food. I was so disgusted with them that I refused the food and told her I should get a fiver for the gas I blew waiting for my tough order:a 1/4 pounder with cheese and a filet of fish....is mc donalds kidding?!

Like I go there for the ambiance???? I go there cause its fast. And they wonder why they got beat by subway this year?! Hmmmm thats a tough one...BTW this was at 6 PM You'd think they would at least have their *** together at dinner time.

Also I counted three tables inside so they weren't exactly getting rocked.This seems par for the course at mcdonalds as Ive had numerous occasions where they either missed stuff or got my whole order wrong or it was almost un edible due to being cold or stale or WAAAAAY too much salt on the fries ( to the point of burning your mouth). Mcdonalds has been cutting back or "downsizing" for years and like all the other companies that followed suit have completely lost it.I'm not just giving away my money any more.

You want it? Work for it and I'll gladly hand it over.


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