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I've been a Mcdonald's customer for over 25 yrs but I was never more disappointed with the lack of customer service on November 15th of this year. I had just left my dentist office with my three kids. It is about 1:00pm. I had taken the day off work to spend with them. I wanted to take them to one of your restaurants (Kenmount Rd, St. John's, NL)

I proceeded through the drive thru, I gave my order. Paid at first window then picked it up at second. As we drove away I just happened to look in the bag. What do ya know it was someone else ordered. The only thing they got right was the fries.

We went back, parked the car. I went inside with the order that was given me leaving my 3 kids in the car (mind u they are 17, 15 and 12 respectively). Explained at counter what happened at the drive thru. They asked what I ordered, the lady went, came back with what I thought was the CORRECT order. I took it and left. Once in the car my kids said they also gave us the wrong drinks. I sent my son back in for the correct ones.

Once Kyle was back in the car we left. I was quite upset needless to say. We left and headed home. As I was driving the kids started sharing up there dinners. My daughter, Faith, the 12 yr old started to cry. She got her fries but not her burger. She only likes the Mcchicken. You can understand my frustration at this point. We were in traffic headed home on Kenmount rd, maybe the busiest rd in St. John's. Holy *** they got the order wrong again. I know you can get screwed at the drive thru from time to time but a double wammie. I was livid. We drove straight home. Never got our order right and the kids were all quite with the exception of Faith, my youngest.

Once home I called the McDonald's office only to get an answering machine. I left my message of disappointment and asked for them to call me back. I wanted

McDonald's to make this right, To make things right by my kids. Anger was fueling me at this point, my day with my kids had been ruined. A day off work with my kids had been turned upside down by McDonald's Kenmount rd, St. John's NL.

It is now 4:30pm and I have yet to hear from. I manager a very busy optical location and understand things can sometimes unravel but this was terrible from the get go. It just snowballed into something I was not ready for. Customer service is paramount, where is mine.

Please respond in kind, your truly,

Jim Evans

709-726-1281 (fax)

Fax to mcdonalds (416) 446 3443

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Burger.

Monetary Loss: $40.

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Wow. The parent of the year award goes to you.

You took a day off to spend with your kids, yet decided to go through drivethru, instead of going in. A 12 year old crying because she got the wrong food, yet she still ate it. Both times you got the screwed up order was on you. Everyone knows to look in the bag before leaving.

And then even after you went inside you still didn't look in the bag?

That's all on you then, so you have zero room to complain about the employees screwing your order up. The real question is how do you feel obligated to complain about customer service when you did everything wrong yourself?


Spot on Ashley! If ANYBODY ever been to Mc Dee YOU know its Mc Dee right?

CHECK your freakin order at the WINDOW b4 U drive off.

More on. :cry


I am 12 like your Faith, either you are making them seem evil by making it seem like she was crying over their mistake or she cries easily


When my kids were this age, we NEVER went to the drive-through, and they are now well-adjusted adults. Enjoy a sit-down meal with them.

Learn to cook and teach them -- amazing. One of mine is actually a chef now.


A 12 year old is too old to cry over something like this. When you order take out, you should always check the order before leaving the site.

Being you said you wanted to spend time with your kids I would have thought you would have went inside and sat down and enjoyed yourself. I don't understand what you mean when you say your daughter didn't get her burger, then you go on to say she only likes the McChicken. There isn't any such word as "ya" and there definitely isn't a workd like "u." What do you mean the kids were "quite?" Instead of calling the McDonald's office, you should have called that particular store, they are all listed in the phone books. That being said, during the restaurants busy times, they don't answer the phone.

You must have a very hot temper to get angry over such a minor thing. How could such a piddly little thing ruin anybody's day? You might "manage" a very busy optical location, but you sure as the world don't "manager" it. Exactly what do you want McDonald's to do?

Getting FREE meals isn't going to make your kids feel any better after they have eaten the food. When you want to be reimbursed, you don't eat the food, you complain about the items at the site, bringing the wrong items in with you. You can't be reimbursed for food that you have already eaten. In your opinion customer service might be paramount, but then on the other hand customer attitude has some weight in how the customer is treated too.

Furthermore, if you want a response from McDonald's this isn't the place to complain, this is only a site for people to let other people know about your problem. For a response from McDonald's you are going to have to complain on their site.


This ruined your entire day??! Man, you have a easy life.