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Am quiet in the stores some workers and manager

talking behind my back.That am a ***

They have to know first before they judge me

Because they know i went there often know them through some


My brother mom-in-law yell 3 times in her bedroom

am sharing with her.She on Television early morning at 2 am to

3 am.After a day or two.She did yell one time.First time

I went to sleep in garage sofa.Those people at Macdonald's thinking

am not sleeping at night.Doing *** or meaning *** staff at

early morning or night time.Because have to wake up pretty early

foreign students of my brother and his will not catch me sleeping

in garage.They will report to there school

Some workers or managers judge me without knowing what happen

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Manager.

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If you speak the way you write, more than likely you are being judged on that. Your whole complaint doesn't make any sense.

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