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I am currently an employee of this Corp store & I am infear of retaliation that will definitely turn into termination if I give my name for reporting the Info. The store GM(Becky Woodsey) and asst manager Jennifer Englebert, use favoritism among employees.

They will disapline the employees in front go each, which causes work place tension and even stoppage, within the store. There where several incidents were the assistant manager Jen, was beligeren to customers and crew members. She also belittled a customer for only knowing spanish as well as speaking to them in harsh tones. She also belittles, crew members during work shifts, will talk to them with the door open when meeting regarding an HR issue.

Wrongly accused an employee of stealing. When the aligations where disproven, the asst manager continue to monitor and pick on the employee until the asst manager thought she had something. When she claimed there was a customer complaint, there was no video interaction between the "customer" and employee, but the team manager claims EVERYONE in the store saw the incident that never happened (mainy other employees including myself where told to say we saw and heard the incident or WE in jeopardy of losing our own jobs. The team manager was also observed calling a fellow employee serveral profanities before she sent him home.

From reading the employee handbook and looking at McDonalds stellar community and business history, It saddens me to know that I must work in this environment, watch good employees, who where a pleasure to work with, always willing help others out by taking a shift, repeat customers enjoy seeing and would ask for them by name.

These employees are no longer employed because they were trying to do the right thing, and go by the corporate employee handbook. Again, I fear retaliation and even termination if I give my name.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Manager.

Reason of review: Work Experience or Job Application.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

McDonalds Cons: Humiliation, Management uses intimidation on employees, Management retaliation, Favoritism among management, Scheduling minors under the age of 18 after 12am.

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You do realize that only a female would “tattle” like this and use their full names. So given that you’re female and have given out the location where you work AND both the names of management do t you think they are going to figure out exactly who you are?

People like you like to run your mouth about the same subject over and over again. I’m 100% sure that they actually figured out it was you. Simply by the process of elimination and simple basic logic. Now that you have put their FULL NAME out on the web you can expect that they have a very good case of defamation and character destruction.

In today’s information based society what you have done is a crime and they would be well within their rights to not only fire you but sue you as well. But hey!! Soon you will make $15 a hour!! So you should be able to afford a lawyer and any restitution the courts chose to place on you.

You have approached the situation the complete wrong way!! McDonald’s has a employee HR CONFIDENTIAL report line. You should approach this with the professionalism that you expect out of them. To do ANYTHING else is to put yourself at risk.

Both your current job and potentially any other future job could be put at risk for your mishandling of this situation. You do not have the right no matter how disgruntled you are to publish THEIR INFORMATION without permission. Ask yourself something latesha, how would YOU feel to find out that someone has taken your information and spread unverified rumors about you? Everyone only has your word and given you disregard their rights so egregiously how can anyone take what you say at face value?

For all anyone knows this is retribution from you for one of them sleeping with your man or some other really dumb reason. Try contacting the HR line and handle your problems like an adult and NOT like a 14yr old child.


Either that, or a very effeminate male.


I bet all four restaurants on your corner have "help wanted" ads. What are you waiting for? You are at the wrong place.