Sewell, New Jersey

i went in to get cookies for my wife and i asked how much for 6 cookies and i layed the money on the counter and then asked for a recipet and he threw it at me and i said that was rude then he said so what and as i was leaving he said grt out *** loud and there were people with childern in there and then he called the cops and said i was being disruptive i waited for the police and was told that its his right but i said i was going to make a complaint and i am i would like something done or i WILL go to FOX 29 and tell them what happened

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It's called public drunkenness...and it's against the law. ***


so you were drunk? then no wonder why you were rude. and no wonder why they called the cops on you, ***.


ok, you don't seem to be sober right now either


could it be that your story is somewhat incomplete? i can't imagine anybody calling the cops just for being told that his behaviour was rude.


i fergot to menshun that i wuz vary drunk when i went to gte my wife cookies the manger had no rite too tell me that i was too rdunk for public. manger said that i fell down at last 4 times in his store i told him bill shhhit this is a free county he then calldd the police who were vairy mean to me