Albany, New York

I am genuinely suprised that this McDonalds remains in business. Bar none, it is the most inconsistent, disorganized, and terrible McDonalds that I have ever been to.

For years they have been screwing up drive through orders for my family and friends. Now the building is in a terrible and dangerous state of construction that inconveniences and even endangers the customers. Supposedly they are a 24 hour McDonalds, but they couldn't even seem to light their sign at 6:00 am this morning. They now have 2 drive through stations, and the person working this morning couldn't figure out how to use them correctly.

They even screwed up my order for a cup of coffee. How do you do that???? I had to give them exact change because they didn't ring my order in correctly, and they didn't know how to correct that. Never mind that I had to wait over 5 minutes for a lousy cup of luke warm coffee at 6 am in the drive through.

There's just no excuse for how badly this place is run now, and always has been run.

Avoid this McDonalds at all cost! There is a Burger King less than 1/4 mile East of it.

  • Worst McDonalds ever
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West Columbia, South Carolina, United States #801850

Do you have any idea at all how difficult it must be to work at Mcdonalds? Do you have any idea how much *** those people have to go through day by day, and how many customers they get per minute?

Maybe you should stop and think about that instead of feeling entitled. I am always nice to the people at McDonalds no matter what because I have witnessed the *** they have to go through, and I feel terrible for them to have such a bad job. You also need to keep in mind that this is where most of the uneducated people work because they hire basically anybody.

You know why? Because they know their employees will be treated like ***, and they know the employees can't do anything about it because they more than likely can't get a job anywhere else.


I was doing a Google search to find the owner of this location to write a complaint and came across this review. This place is one of the worst McDonald's locations, no exaggeration needed.

Customers know the menu better than the employees, service is slow - to the point that the 8 patrons waiting in the lobby were complaining out loud that there was no sense of urgency, it's sure not fast food anymore, etc. They should have improved the people working inside not the decor.

Chantilly, Virginia, United States #784611

"Avoid this McDonalds at all cost!There is a Burger King less than 1/4 mile East of it." yet, for years you continued to go where they screwed up your orders.

Albany, New York, United States #784556

The above is regarding the McDonalds in Brunswick, NY located at:

780 Hoosick Road

Troy, NY 12180

(518) 279-0601

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