Miami, Florida

Today I went to McDonald's.I ordered a McChicken and asked about the buy one get one free deal.The lady at the register smiled and added the free one.I skated to my house as I was starving and it was about to rain.I got home and opened up my first burger.The chicken patty was juicy as ***.I could tell just from looking at it.That was the best McChicken I ate.So I open my second one.I can see the lettuce sticking out and it looks all dead and brown.So I look at the patty and it's probably the most disgusting thing I've seen.It was brown, burnt to a crisp and it was hard to chew.I just threw it away.

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You just complained that your FREE fake chicken didn't look or taste like chicken? No kidding, Sherlock. :?


And your point is??? These things happen.

All you had to do is skate on back and get a replacement. People like to complain about McDonald's, but they are #1 for cleanliness and safety of it's food products. Plus, they offer a great fast food dining experience. And, they would have taken care of your bad food problem if you had brought it to their attention.

You should have given them a chance before complaining on this site first. Bad manners.