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i have often felt that the food at Mc.Donalds is not made with care or love. a huge blob of mayo and cheese is just slapped on and the burgers that i have received are all distorted.

it is disgusting to eat food made with such indifference and lack of respect. it gives one the feel of a factory--like a machine operated production line.

it ends up feeling more like a business selling warmed up frozen foods rather than like a restaurant anymore. unfortunately, this is the case with all of their outlets not just any one specifically.

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The cheeseburgers have mustard and ketchup. Not Mayo.


Care and love? PuH---LEEEZZZE! :roll


its fast food so if you want care and love in your meal than go spend a little time cooking it yourself with "care and love"


It's fast food! You get what you pay for!


This site is for complaints about products and customer service, not blatant and pointless attacks on a fast food chain. I don't like McDonald's myself, but it is a cheap burger joint, not a fine dining restaurant. You can't just post on this website because 'it has no love in it.'


What a dumb a$$. It's fast food not a fine dinning establishment. Spring for more than six bucks and you might get a good meal, until then shut the *** up.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #214218

you are lieing, they do have love infact they make sweet love to the animals before they are made to burgers and then they also make sweet love to the fries before serving it to you.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #214217

You get what you pay for.


Gee, not happy with MaDonalds? Such a high class place!

You must be use to the finer things in life! HA HA HAAA!!!!!!

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