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What im saying is the first time she handed me the fries i said firts off these are cold and have salt she said pull over i get some fresh no salt .it took so long i walked in the store and said im outside like 20 min waiting on large frie with no salt .and manager looks at drive thru person she says oh yea in there the manager pulls the fries out a bin .i said are u sure there is no salt she said oh absolutely so we proceed .i been comming there 3 yrs they mostly already KNOW but about the third bite he starts gasping for air .i gra e pin and he finally caught air thank god .look at fries sure enough she pulled them out a bin that obviously had salt on them hes allergic .and it could have been worse off to the dr just to make sure .we went ...so please contact me 8284355793 worse part was when i called and told manager she totally got offensively like cause he almost died she was inconvenienced like what did u just ask was i sure thats it wow ...ill prove it i got the fries and his dr will surly let yall know

Original review posted by user Aug 26, 2018

Nothing yet i really would like some one to contact me back we got disconnected .but im glad i had his epin his throught swollen up from the salt and the manager acted like i lied hunny u pulled no salted fried out a bin with salt in it i asked her very carefully are u sure there no salt yes ma'am .i go here almost everyday they all really know i always have no salt

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Manager.

Reason of review: Above i described had to use epin on husband from fries that had salt on them .

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Why take the risk? Seems foolish to me. You can make unsalted fries at home


Perhaps if you're husband has salt allergies, but still insists on trying to eat our food. The best course of action would be to allow nature to take it course.

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