I go to McD's as my grand kids call it I don't even eat the *** my self

but I go for my teen age grand kids just about ever day and spent 10.00 to

15.00 dollars . today I ordered 6 mcdouble 2 reg fries 1 small came to

10.89 well I ask for buffalo sauce w/ my burgers I was told there would

be an extra charge for the sauce can you believe this I told them forget

it I will never go back and you add that up 10 to 15 + 5 or 7 lot

more than 25 cents that they lost how *** is that too cheap

to give me a sauce for food i bought there but willing to lose 5times

10 would be 50.00 dollars i am laughing my butt off at them at how

they had rather give up 50.00 dollars before they would 25 cents

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25 cents for 1 container of sauce may be minute for the consumer but try to think of how many people ask for it that DON'T order an item the sauce is meant for. Price of the sauce is built in to the price of the item meant to accompany it.

If McDonalds gave away sauces to every personwho asks for it (again, when NOT ordering an item it usually goes with), they'd lose boatloads of money. YOU aren't the only one asking. It's NOT "just" 25 cents.

It adds up to a large amount for the company. Don't be so friggin' cheap.


Your *** grandkids are just going to throw a tantrum and you will be right back at McDonalds contributing to childhood obesity


feeding your grandkids mcdonalds everyday is child abuse.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #221800

First of all learn to write a proper letter. Secon of all you were not charged 25 cents for nothing, you were charged for something their "buffalo sauce.

Those don't grow on trees you know they have to pay for them and frankly your poor spelling and your attitude makes me wonder if you are three years old. You can't afford 25 cents than don't ask for extras. Maybe your parents will give you 25 cents for using the potty rather than going in your diaper? Everyone here is laughing at your poor spelling and your lack of common sense.

Also they are doing you a favor having you throw a temper tantrum to a point you refuse to go back.

Eating there everyday is bad for you and those chidlren. Maybe your fingers are too fat to touch the "." and shift key from eating there everyday?


You feed your teen aged grand kids McDonalds food every day!? Try cooking something healthy.


You said you don't even eat the ***. What do you need the sauce for?

"...i am laughing my butt off..."

Yuk it up, a*s*s cheese. That should take a while.

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