Nashville, Tennessee
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Went to McDonalds drive thru in Franklin, ky where i live on 11/30/2012. I ordered a grilled chicken meal add cheese large size with coke. When I got home the chicken was crispy instead of grilled and it along with fries were ice cold. I tried for an hour to call and report this but the phone remained busy for an hour.

When I finally got through the manage assured me she would make note of this in a log book they keep for complaints and assured me the next time I went to Mcdonalds they would replace my order and she asked for my name and told me she would write it down in their book. I tried to get my order replaced today on 12/5/2012 and they told me my name was not in their book. So I got really pissed and told them nevermind and drove off. Their service really does suck.

Very unsatisfied customer,

Sheryl Peters

Monetary Loss: $7.

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Fast food is to be eaten in the car, on the run, as soon as you get it. If you cooked food on your stove, put it paper and drove it to your friends house, would it be hot?

Nope, cold. So if you take it home, heat it up. Sorry about the crispy. Eat it anyway.

And sorry about the "book" it's a bad idea. We take your name & address and send you cards for replacement food.