Livingston, New Jersey
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I visited McDonalds @3636 Mendenhall Memphis,Tn the CHILDREN that work in this restaurant are very unprofessional and extra rude no greeting just can i take your order dam what happen to welcome hello some go to school and get an education and you won't have to work at a drive thru window get a career.BTW having an attitude just makes you an ugly person. I've worked fast food before and it's tiresome but if that's your job do it and be good at talk about it when your off the clock but when your on the clock take care of the customers with a smile not a frown and to top it all off the only thing I got fresh was fries dats sad my tea tasted like it was made 2days ago the burger was not at all freshly made and my nuggets where hard SMH DO BETTER dis restaurant is ridiculous

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Burger.

Monetary Loss: $12.

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Even if they are children working at the restaurant I am sure these children can spell better than you can.

Before bashing anyone's education you may want to take a look at your own spelling and grammar.


Do your health a favor and stop eating at these places. No matter how fresh the fold it is all a heart attack waiting to happen *** by ***.


"welcome hello some go to school and get an education and you won't have to work at a drive thru window get a career"

Good gosh! You shouldn't assume a person doesn't have an education!

I work at McDonalds and I have a collage education! I work there because i don't have the experience in order to get into the career that I was trained for.


Actually I wasn't saying they didn't have an education sorry you took it that way I said they should go to school and get a career and they wouldn't be so sadly working a drive thru job you say you educated you shouldve been able to comprehend that

smart guy

Really, what do you expect? You are complaining about a $1 are pathetic

@smart guy

Smart *** *** you probably the clean up guy you couldve kept your comment and the point was if this a job you work you should be happy working some people can't get a job they should smile every day they open their eyes and be thankful to have a job POW....


You're right, a lot of the employees are teenage girls fresh out of or still in high school, and a lot of them don't make an effort to do a good job. That's partly because they're not trained to do a /quality/ job; they're trained to just do a job.

Most are thrown into the open and expected to automatically know what to do. Most of the kids in there are on their first real jobs. Do you think they're working at McD's because they WANT to? Heck no, they're working there because that's one of the only places that will take them nowadays.

It's an unstimulated, low-paying dead-end job where people yell at you all day and the employer doesn't respect its workers. The newbie kids and the kids that want to do a good job and care about their work go crazy because of it, and most quit within a month (150% turnover rate).


Considering your grammar and spelling you are a fine one to talk about these teenagers working at McDonalds. Another thing McDonald's as well as other fast food places don't make their sandwiches when they are ordered.

They make them ahead of time and put them under a warming light. Any fast food place that I have been in doesn't make their tea, it is in the same dispensing machine as the pop, only it doesn't have the carbonation tank added to it. I have worked in fast food too, and most of the time all we did was ask how we could help the customer.

As far as fast food places go, you can't expect to be treated like royalty there. It isn't a fine dining place.


MCdonalds ALWAYS makes their burgurs as they are ordered never before hand. Its called quality insurance. Mcdonalds likes to have it set up to were customers can see their sandwhiches being made fresh.