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On May 23rd at 11:40 p.m., My sister-in-law her friend and I were going through Raton New Mexico from Texas going to Colorado on vacation late at night by ourselves when we were in a hail storm. We were nervous being unfamiliar territory.

Then we saw a friendly site,," Golden Arches." It was around closing time. They closed at 12:00am and it was 11:45 when we got there. We ordered to eat it there. Then in the middle of eating our food , the manager told us we had to leave.

The regular workers could not believe she was doing that to people in need. It wasn't just us, there was another family with three children that also had to leave.That wasn't the shocker for us it was still hailing really hard about quarter size hail. We were really scared to go back out but she sent us into the really bad weather of hail and strong winds. We just thought that was really cold hearted to do that to us especially right after the tornadoes that happen in Moore ,Ok.

I thought upper management needed to know how their people treated people in need. Sincerely , Dishearten and desperate customer. Terri Norton 508 Glenhaven Dr.

Longview,Tx. 75601 - 903- 452-4122 Please call if you have more questions.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Manager.

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Desperate customer? lmao!

This customer is putting her needs before anyone else's. The employees in the restaurant are people too and have a right to be able to leave on time and get home to their own families.

If you are scared of driving in hail, you could have sat in your car till the storm passed. No sympathy here.


You are so selfish aren't you. Those employees and the manager have to go home as well, and they cannot go home unless all the customers leave.

Don't you think it is possible they too could be scared and want to go home as possible, of course not because you are self centered and selfish. You are the cold hearted one not thinking of how long you keep them. They were closing at 12 and would like to get home safely as well.

Anonymous, yeah we would not want to go out in the hail either especially with children, but the employees don't want to go out either and the sooner they get home the better. The only one on the power trip is this person who is inconsiderate about others.


I worked at a McDonald's for about a year and a half and what I gathered from the experience is that the CUSTOMERS of McDonald's are some of the rudest people on the planet.


How unreasonable!!

That the manager wanted his staff to close up and go home at midnight after a long days work, when you wanted to sit there and saviour the luxury of your mass-produced burger!


its a stormy night as an employee of fast food restraunt i would let ya stay because iwouldnt want to drive in that weather


Hey guys? Don't be d-cks. I doubt any of you would want to go out in hail either, especially with your kids.


You're a ***... The employees should be forced to stay at work during this "hail storm" because your dumb *** is lost at midnight?

Go sit in your car in the parking lot puss boy... And to even compare your situation to the one in Oklahoma is just dumb


Agreed, who orders food to eat in 15 minutes before closing anyway? The cashier could have given the "subtle hint" of giving them the food in a to go bag I guess.( I've had this one pulled on my, never got offended or butthurt). Just another person that thinks the world revolves around them and that poor planning on their part constitutes an "emergency".

I have worked fast food, people rolling in just before you close is just about the worst.


So did you expect them to hold your hand and provide lodging you poor little scared baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin