Aurora, Nebraska
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Vomit on the floor. One stall. Corroded sink faucet that would not turn off. The manager, before going in to clean up after my outraged complaint, said that "no one had told him" that there was anything wrong with the restroom. But a manager should know his restaurant to the last corner. I also blame McDonald's-- a faulty sink faucet does not get that way over night. Where are the company inspectors? And who is training them? And who is training this staff? And where is Aurora's health department?

In this day and age, cleanliness is ABSOLUTELY FIRST.

Never again, McDonald's!

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Manager.

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Well perhaps someone just vomited right before you went in the restroom, so he would not know about it, I hope wherever you work you get punished for something you did not know about, that would teach you to be more adult and sensitive. If the vomiting happened two minutes ago he would not know, he is not psychic.

He probably already knew about the leaking sink and had to wait for them to repair it, seriously grow up. You would not like it if you got into trouble for something at work for not knowing if it just happened two minutes ago.

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