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Tonight i came in around 230 am i asked for breakfast and was told they didnt serve it at this time , i theb turned and looked at my bf saying to HIM "awe man thats *** i dont want anything from here babe but you can" she had thought i was speaking to her and said k goodbye in a rude disgusted tone i then made it clear to her that i was not speaking to her i was speaking to my boyfriend , she proceeded to allow me to take my order of lunch food and made me sit at the drive thru window for over 30 minutes then finally came the window and said she wont serve me , thats absolutely the last time i will accept any type of disrespect or rudness from the same employee of yours, if nothiny is done about this i will keep reporting her. Its ridiculous that after i made sure she knew i wasnt speaking to her and never had any intentions on speaking to her rudely that she couldnt serve me because i said the word *** to my boyfriend.

She then told me after saying she couldnt serve me to have a great *** night.

I will not accept or tolerate such foul language towards me when i didnt deserve it , is this really how you allow your employees to treat yohr paying customers? Unbelievable.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Cashier.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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What is a Zickafoose? Is it some kind of animal?


Sounds like you deserved it.

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