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On Sunday, July 22, 2012 I went through the drive-thru at the McDonald's at 10092 Dorchester Rd., Summerville, SC. I had been working, it was hot and I simply wanted a sweet tea to cool off--well I got a lot more. I paid for my drink, drove forward to the food window and was told by a confused looking employee that "I would have to pull up while they made more". I was surprised, but complied and pulled forward. Watching in my rear view mirror as 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 cars were served and STILL NO TEA! After literally waiting 10 minutes, I got out of my car, locked it, and walked in.

In this particular McDonald's you walk past the drink counter before getting to the food couter--I pulled the seet tea spigot--and behold! Sweet Tea flowed! I then walked to the counter and in a fairly loud voice asked (to any one of the 10 frantic employees muddling around behind the counter) "why do I have to wait 10 minutes for sweet tea, and it is flowing at your drink counter!?!

Well, this is where the problem started; the same employee who told me to pull forward yells in a loud voice; "I TOLD YOU WE NEEDED TO REFILL IT!" Stunned I took the cup I was handed by what appeared to be the manager, then looked at him and pointed to his employee announcing; "thanks, but THAT guy has an attitude". I then proceeded to the drink counter (now very frustrated), and poured my OWN sweet tea. The manager then walked up behind me in an obvious attempt to talk to me about what happened, and was interrupted by this rude employee (the one with the attitude) who then chimed in and stated it was... "ME WHO HAD THE ATTITUDE!" Well, being 6'5" 280 lbs. I am not easily intimidated, and I then told the employee that; "I am the customer, and I am ALLOWED to have an attitude when I wait 10 MINUTES FOR A SWEET TEA!" This employee then said (and here is the kicker) "Ok so, I am off work now...let's go outside", and threatens me!!!!!

When I looked at him, I laughed, and asked; ..."are you THREATENING me?" He continued his tyrade and instead of disciplining the employee--the manager asked ME to leave for "disturbing his guests"!!!!!

I contacted corporate, received a call back from some "supervisor" who basically said he (the employee) would be reprimanded, but NOT fired!! Can you imagine!!! So, now if (and I doubt I ever will) I decide to go back to that store--I get to run the risk of this nutbag doing something even worse to me.


Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Manager.

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You had no business going inside and yelling at the staff. Unless you were raised by a circus of monkeys, you could have politely spoken with the manager, used your "big boy inside voice" and made your concern known.

Your right as a customer to have an attitude and yell inside a McDonalds ENDS where my right as a fellow customer to enjoy a peaceful meal begins.

The manager should have given you your money back, told you to leave IMMEDIATELY and he furthermore should have been ready to call the police if you failed to comply. Were I the manager, I would have also gotten your license plate number.


why fire him. he didn't hit you.

just a heated argument.

also there are fountain drinks behind you point was useless. because they aren't going to that one to fill it...i dont think it was ten mins


Here in st.joseph Missouri Vicky Wallace denies that a black guy even left his area when he came to me in front of 3 cameras threaten me im on camera clear as day but guess he's invisible to cameras corporate office she in charge bold face lie I never see that tape good people in charge cover for wannabe gangsters


shoulda had a V8 :zzz


It was just a sweet tea and if there was more at another counter then there was no reason to make you wait for ten minutes when their problem was being poorly stocked for a rush. Having worked in fast food as a teenager sometimes there just needs to be common sense and thinking outside the box to resolve the issue the customer is having. That employee, on the clock or not should have been fired


They shpuld have fired that ***. And you nit wits who are taking the side of the employee must work for McD's.

And are no better than then him with your threats. I'll never make another trip to McD's either for other reasons.


To: Jedi Knight Ethan (whose name sounds like that of a little boy)... you are just a canadian troll..go back to your frenchy *** friends and tell them how you got so "tough" with the guy who posted online.

I am sure you will all have a good 'ole canadian laugh about how witty and tough you are when you sit, cowering behing your little apple mac...Do yourself a favor...go pop some pimples and leave the adult stuff to the adults. ***


Your problem is having such high expectations for McDonalds.


" Well, being 6'5" 280 lbs. I am not easily intimidated, and I then told the employee that; "I am the customer, and I am ALLOWED to have an attitude when I wait 10 MINUTES FOR A SWEET TEA!" "

In other words you are a coward and like to use your size and weight to push others around. They should have called the police on you to put you in your place.

"Drive on up here and say that to my face ***."

They should, along with a few police officers to show you that you can't use your size and weight to hurt people who don't like what you have to say. GROW UP. The reason you got bad service and and attitude is because you are acting like you are six years old and because you are acting like a bully.

Just because you are bigger and fatter than the other customers does not mean they have to cater to you. You are probably used to people not fighting back and being intimidated by you that once someone puts you in your place you don't know how to react so you threaten them.


What do you expect when the restaurant is run by fat loud mouth she boons and wild, wild rude buck *** Mmmmmm, mmmmmmm, those wacky *** sho' dun lub fillz'n up da whyte man sweet T!


Drive on up here and say that to my face ***.


weighing that much, I also believe you've had enough mcdonalds.