Calgary, Alberta
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I am tired of McDonald's messing up my orders. You would be surprised to know that I used to be a lifelong customer but not after today.

Most McDonald's regardless of location get my order wrong one out of five times. This is a huge inconvenience as I usually by drive through. When I discover my order is wrong I either have to suck it up or drive back. I made it a habit to repeat my order three times every time I ordered and still I get the wrong order.

I have been inconvenienced by this so many times that I now refuse to order from McDonald's. My question is this..... For such a successful franchise couldn't you employ someone with enough intelligence to come up with a better system that yields success.

i feel sorry for the franchise owners as the American will eventually get tired of this poor customer service and will eventually be replaced with a franchise that actually cares about customer service.

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you can try that or maybe before you leave the drive through window check your order to make sure everything is there and correct. oh and ya it is mcdonalds, get a life


You're eating at McDonald's... think about it. Go eat somewhere else, ***.