Fallon, Nevada
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A great percentage of My first week working with your corpation in fallon I have been in few uncomfortable racist situations that managment lori has not taking serious a nd she has also been very rude it comes across that she has a special crew they like to be very very rude and not polite at all this is not good.... when asked about hours she basically insulted me by down talking me....im on assembly enjoy my job not the extra rude special treatment because they dont care for many blacks as I was told...... please do something about training my co workers manners they are very rude and insulting and I have witnesses

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*** Stop pulling the race card already! The world does not revolve around you being black.

I'm starting to think that the fools who constantly pull the race card are racists themselves.

Grow up, and no one told you that they don't care for blacks. If they really were racist and treated black customers that way, that particular restaurant wouldn't be running for long.


Yeah everything is about you being black isn`t it. It must be a blessing to be born black because that way you can play the race card when things don`t go your way. When management writes you up for poor work skills because you take longer breaks than your co workers you can always play the race card rather than admit it is because you broke the break policy.


Would you like some french cries with that wahburger? :cry


Just give her some fried chicken, it will make her feel loads better.


Lol. :grin