Thornton, Colorado

I was a new employee. On my first day of work, which was training that entailed watching video's for three hours.

I had let the crew manager know that I had two very important appt. already scheduled prior to getting hired,(which I have the prof for).I Had a disability appt and a mental health app.I explained this to the manager and so we had agreed that I was to come in for work after my appt.Later that day another manager comes in for work and relieves the other for the day.Before I clocked out for the day, that manager had said to me that she took me off of the schedual for the two days I had to attend my two appt.(which were on Mon and Tues). On Fri of the same week.The first manager I mentioined was on for that day as well as me.Through out that whole day I watched him treat his employees like TRASH!I was to get of at 3pm. that day.

About ten after three I ask if I may clock out everything was done? He yelled at me in front of customers saying"NO,You no come in on Mon or Tues!" You have to stay untill I tell you to leave. I had also explained that I had a mental health appt. to meet with my therapist at4pm.

I had made sure to make my appt. by my schedual, I think it is very unfair that there was no communication within managers and to be yelled at and not listened to what so ever! the schedual was on the wall and it shows me off of the schedual on mon and tues .

I had to clock out anyway. I called corporate immediately after returning home and I have not heard from anybody!

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Manager.

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