Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

I went to the McDonalds at 29 East Chelten Ave this morning. Store number 14963. Time 10:13. I ordered a breakfast sandwich. I paid her and I noticed she short changed me. I bought it to the young

women's attention. she responded you will get it at the next window. I proceeded to the next window got my order and told her that the young women is bringing me more change. So I waited. Well she gave me my correct change and stated you would have thought it was Three dollars or something. A smart mouth that should not have said that to me. regardless of how much it was. It was my money and I want my correct change. Would MacDonald's give me a order if I was short. No way. One more thing. I am diabetic. I ordered diet soda. Which I might add I received regular soda. My sugar went up real high. I was going to sue you. I changed my mind because I don't like doing things like that to businesses in my neighborhood.

I am a retired teacher and retired Phila Police Officer Sgt. Cheryl Wiggins

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Sandwich.

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Sometimes they run out of dimes or something, or close drawer and can't open until next customer. No big deal, ran it up to you, and would never have said anything unless you were running your mouth about your change.

You can tell by what you say she said. Or they asked to pull up & you wouldn't.

Most have automatic beverage dispenser so computer poured your drink when you ordered it. First thing checked is your drink before you leave.


So you'll order a Big Mac meal and justify it by ordering a Diet Coke? Forgot what's wrong with your McDonalds - WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU! McDonald's is not for diabetics.

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