Englewood, Florida
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MacDonald's was running a tv ad for 12/22/11 to buy 1 big mac and got 1 free, in celebration of the christmas season. I went to the only MacDonald's in town in Englewood, Florida and was informed that they were not honoring this promotion (this is the second this restaurant does this, the other time before it was when the MacCafe first came out and I had received a coupon in the mail).

AND THIS IS THE ONLY MCDONALDS IN TOWN. I do not understand why they run a promotion on local tv stations, then when you go to their restaurant pormos are not honored.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Coupon.

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It is all based on whether the location is a corporate location, or a franchised location. Also, all the ads specifically say participating locations only.


You do realize that it's not a LOCAL TV STATION. It broadcasts to several towns/cities, or states depending on the channel.

Oh, and it even says on the commercial that not all restaurants are participating.

They're not obligated to participate.

Quit being fat, you don't need to eat two big macs.

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