2001 Lincolnway E, Goshen, IN 46526, USA
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My wife and I are night owls. So it's about 3:30am 8/28/17.

We get I. The car go to mcdonalds right down the road from us as we do probably 10+ times a week. Everyone employed there knows us. I have lived here now about 5 months and have gone to this McDonald's that long as well.

So as we arrive we know they are open so well are sittin in the drive through and no one answers. My wife is driving so she backs up in the drive through and pulls back up to the drive through again no answer. So we pull to the main drive through window and honk the horn, No one answers. So I the husband lay on the horn for about 30 seconds........

No one comes. So my wife steps out the car door a little and knocks on the window......... No one comes still. So she opens the window just a little bit to yell in and make sure who ever is in there is alright, at this point in time we are thinking the worst that maybe they are getting robbed or something medical related.

So as she is opening the window and yells in this young little punk runs to the window and starts yelling at my wife like she is going to climb through or something. ( any man that is married will not let god himself yell at his wife right?) so he starts saying why you banging on the window you can't do that this is personal property. So I said well we were in the drive through but no one answerd so we came to the window to see if we could get anyone's attention which leads us to this point in time!!! Then he has the audacity to tell me if no one comes to take my order then no one comes and I don't get a order!!!

Ummm I'm no restaurant owner but I believe your business wouldn't survive with that kind of leadership!!! So to sum this up in the time we've been coming to this ducking McDonald's it's always some kind of fiasco either the food is wrong or the people employed there don't speak English good enough to say HI! And there attitudes are *** as ***. I spend at least 100$ a week there.

We're young and kind of healthy so we can do that we aren't gaining 200lbs eating there. So all in all this astablishment is a joke and there will be something to come of this.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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