Williamston, North Carolina
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As I have done almost every day for the past year...go to the Williamston NC McDonalds..get a drink and a snack..sit and do some paperwork...catch up on emails. Well today I was approached by the NEW owners....they told me that I was not allowed to soliciate business inside McDonalds...I explained that I was not soliciating business..I was simply doing admin.

work...and have done this in the past.

I was informed that they don't care what was allowed in the past this was no longer allowed and I needed to leave. I did just that...they will never have to worry about me entering the doors again...I'm sure that Wendy's or the other businesses in town would love to have my business and the business of the people I carry with me once I let this small town now how I was treated.....

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Kharkiv, Kharkiv, Ukraine #692109

Hey why this comments are posting on mc donnalds.I hope their is no work of the people.

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