Called this mcdonalds because they forgot one of my big macs they were very rude and unapologetic said I could come back and get it but did not care about going above and beyond when I asked the managers name she hung up on me. I went to get my food replaced while I was waiting for it to come up the barista started spraying water all over me I got no apologies they didn't even come out to mop up the floor that had water all over it.

When I asked if mcdonalds thought they were to big to care about their customers all I got was a shrug what kind of customer service is this.

I have been in customer service for over 20 years and never would allow anyone working for me to treat customers this way. Unacceptable!

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Customer Care.

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Unless you worked at McDonalds or any other fast food place in your life, you shouldn't be allowed to complain. There are a lot of idiots that are hired, but you (the customers) keep coming back because it's McDonalds and you're all lazy.

Not all employees are rude or lazy or ***, like everyone likes to believe; you know because they work at McDonalds, so they're not going to do anything with their lives. It's interesting, customers like to complain about employees being rude, maybe instead of blaming them, you should look at yourself first. They're not going to be rude, if you're not rude. Everyone is in this "I want it now and if I don't get it now, I'm going to be a ***." If it wasn't for them, you wouldn't have a McDonalds, and then the world would be in an uproar.

Stop complaining about little things, why should they go above and beyond? You missed a sandwich, big deal, you go back get it and move on with your life. Stop acting like it's the end of the world.

Don't come back, McDonalds has a million other customers.


And these employees act stunned when some pissed off customer hops over the counter or crawls into the drive thru window to kick their ***.

Why is it we hire the most incompetent people to prepare our food? And don't dare send it back - 'cause someone will wipe their *** with your sandwich. I worked in restaurants as a teenage; trust me on this one. I couldn't believe some of the things I saw food workers do with returns.

Most McDonald's are franchises, so the food and service varies by location. I guess you get what you pay for: $2.99 sandwich & minimum wage service. I'm not knocking folks who work for min wage, but there is a correlation between a bad experience & low pay. There is no incentive for the employee if he/she can walk across the street to the gas station for the same pay. Again, this should not be the case in the food industry.


Unfortunatey I agree with murph but not all minimum wage jobs are done by bad people. Messing with sombodys food is pure evil.


Wow I find the above comment so hard to believe, its the customers fault that food was missing from the order. Some people just haven´t got a clue when it comes to customer service.

McDonalds is all about customer service, it is the foundation of their business, when they get it wrong they should go above and beyond. This is what is suppose to set them aside from the competition.

Its not up to the customer to check their order its up to McDonalds to get it right first time. The customer is the one who has paid for the food and it is McDonalds that need the customer not the other way round.


Of course you have been in customer service for 20 years, and of course you are perfect in your job. Servers at McDonald's aren't considered customer service.

They also aren't called baristas. Are you sure this employee sprayed you on purpose? The fault that you got home with only part of your order, is your fault because you didn't check your order before leaving the site. You should always check your take out order before leaving the site.

Why should they apologize or why should they go above and beyond, because of your mistake? For somebody that thinks they are so perfect, you sure made a lot of mistakes in your complaint.


Go hump a tree stump you miserable ***. You don't know me.

And it's not my mistake. Where is the quality control?

Where is the pride? If I have to do the job for them then it might as well be self serve.