Warner Robins, Georgia

Went through the drive thru at 2:45 am. No one answer at first , when someone did it felt like i was an inconvenience and i guess i was seeing that all the employees we're outside smoking including the mang.

So i just left !!!! Every time i go to this store something is wrong latley!!! What the heck? Might want to get the manager back that cared about her customers.

This type of thing happens alot at this store and its not just me. I work at the hospital down the street.

Many of us have this type of incident happen at least twice a week. They wouldn't want this type of medical care.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $15.

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So why do you continue to go back?


Asking the managers at McDonalds to care about their customers is about as redundant as asking a Walmart manager to care about their customers. Low grade places = low grade employees and service.

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