50 Massachusetts Ave NE #2, Washington, DC 20002, USA
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The blonde morning floor manager ratted on our planning attending a leftie political rally. Apparently she overheard us.

They have cops or guards and agent visiting regularly. This am an agent and her were talking then he was talking loudly about in a phone call where he had seen us, where we might have been seen, what website to find us, and using facial recognition system to discover our identities. This is a straight surly black guy dressed in a light blue polo shirt who is trying to use remote methods for trying to rile and intimidate. And what kind of plain rally is this but a rally for homelessness and poverty rights called the poor peoples economic and human rights campaign.

We are not doing anything except holding signs and a poorly attended march.

But nevertheless they are fully armed in riot vests and even troubling us at dine ins for exercising our free rights! Thumbs down on squealers.

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They should have a "Feed The Homeless" day at McDonalds where they go around and pick up all of the homeless and give them a free meal of their choice.


Oh, that's horrible, I've never been there before.