Hello, I work at store 6077 in Creston, IA. For a while I haven't felt safe at work due to a fellow employee, Pete, and the reason nothing has been done about it is because he is my boss's husband.

On multiple occasions he has randomly blown up at other coworkers, yelling expletives at them and threatening to beat them up and my boss has said and done nothing.

One coworker has quit because of his behavior, and another Pete actually did beat up with the person he beat up the one to be fired. I even heard Pete proudly say that he's happy that everyone is scared of him now afterwards while laughing.

At this point, everyone feels unsafe and is walking on eggshells around him, afraid that he'll suddenly turn his anger unto one of us next since it takes merely an accidental bumb into him for Pete to start his screaming and threats again.

And personally, I feel that he wants one of us to do that since he is constantly trying to be in our way so we have to maneuver around him. All the while our boss, Elizabeth, has acted as if nothing has happened and everything is normal.

I'm hoping you treat this with the severity it needs, and that you please keep me anonymous as I do not want to quit the company.

Thank you.

Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota

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