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To whom it may concern, I write this e-mail to share my recent experience at McDonalds Restaurant # 29387, located at 850 Parris Island Gateway Port Royal, SC 29906. At about 7:45 PM on 29 August while at the McDonalds Restaurant mentioned above I ordered one Filet-O-Fish Sandwich, one small French Fries, and one small drink.

The total cost including taxes was $6.67. While waiting for the order I noticed on the menu display that the Filet-O-Fish Meal that included the fish sandwich, a medium drink, and medium French Fries cost about a dollar less. I don’t recall the exact price, but I believe it was $5.79 including taxes. I asked the shift manager how could we fix this being that I believe I may have been over charged considering the price of the combo meal.

I questioned (to the manager) if the person at the register should have had product knowledge to that effect because I’ve been to other fast food restaurants and if they could save you money by suggesting you buy a combo meal, they would make you aware. Her response was “they don’t know the prices, they just see pictures.” She then proceeded to turn the monitor around in a very condescending manner and ask me to look at it. There were patrons waiting to be served so I just asked her for a refund to avoid a confrontation at which time she repeated my order and asked me if that was what I ordered and she then said sarcastically “that’s what you ordered, that’s what you got, I don’t understand.” I explained that I ordered the small fries because a medium fries is too much for me and asked for a refund if she could not adjust the price to the price of the meal. She then offered to give me the medium fries, but still charge me the full price for the individual items.

At this point it was busy and the line was backing up so I just took the fries and left. I am a retired military veteran on a set budget and where a dollar saved may not mean much to her, it means a lot to me. I don’t believe I was asking too much for her to change the order to the price for the combo meal. I would have gladly kept the small fries; I just wanted the best price for my meal.

Her actions gave the perception that she was set from the very beginning to not cancel the first order and charge me for the combo meal. She never once attempted to come to an amicable solution. I will not eat at that McDonalds again nor will I recommend it to any of my friends or family members. I am fortunate being that there are a plethora of national and locally owned fast-food hamburger restaurants in this area to go to.

Up until this event McDonalds was one of my favorites which I visited at least once a week. When I travel I will probably eat at other McDonalds as I have had many good experiences in the past. Just not this one.

I know by me not being a patron will not affect the overall success of this restaurant, but it’s the principle of this entire ordeal that compels me to do so. Thank you for hearing my experience.


Richard Robinson

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Filet O Fish Meal Combo Meal.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Monetary Loss: $1.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

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you sound retarded


Likewise. It's so easy to critique when you were not on the receiving end. Your intelligent reference to mentally impaired people exposes the true idiot that you are.


This post drained me. This is over 1.00 right?


It's more principle than value. I refuse to get dupped by poor service and arrogant supervisors.

That's why they feel they can abuse their authority as a supervisor, and treat people inn a rude and disrespectful manner. If you owned a business wouldn't you want to know if your employees were losing customers by being arrogant and unprofessional?


$1 may seem petty af, but every $1 saved eventually accumulates into many dollars saved. as quoted directly from richard robinson above: "...I know by me not being a patron will not affect the overall success of this restaurant, but it’s the principle of this entire ordeal that compels me to do so..." with emphasis on the second portion of the quote for clarification of your inquiry.

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