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I took my daughter to Mcdonald's to get a 4pc happy meal. However, when we got home she open her box only to see that is was a slice of cheese in there.

This happened a week before Christmas. She ask me why did they give her a piece of cheese. It was the express on my daughter's face that told me how she really felt about it. She was upset...I call Mcdonald's right away and told them I will be in there the next day.

I took my daughter back the next day and showed the picture to 2 managers because, I was in disbelief about the matter.

They apologize to my daughter and I and gave her a replacement happy meal. But I honesty felt like to make it right I should've been refund and them give her a happy meal for free for the whole month....

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Happy Meal Combo Meal.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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This really sounds more like a sh*tpost then it is a real situation. I think the mom is just overreacting, but just a slice of cheese is really suspicious. Sounds like something a kid would buy just for laughs to test out there burger-customization options.


A month of free food AFTER they made it right ? Who else do you want to steal from ? You are setting one sad example for 6 year old.


My daughter has be repulsed by meat since age 4, when she found out they killed animals. She always orders a plain cheese sandwich if she happens to find herself at a place like that ( once or twice per year with friends ).

She's now a healthy, fit 28 year old who looks and feels great ...

and still won't eat meat. Maybe they did your little one a favor in the long run.


No one cares about your daughter and what she eats.


cheese at mc donald is really the secret to all things.


With all due respect, your mistake was not checking the happy meal prior to leaving the store. Once in a while for this type of Neal is fine for both children and adults but not for a full month.


True that. It's McDonald's beginner servers, elderly servers, servers that have a hard time getting and keeping a job.

Always going to be small mistakes. I've seen 3 go on break smoking weed with the store full and no frys down and the register workers wanting to quit, but yes at least a whole meal for the inconvenience and don't go back.

Also to try and make it better complain to corporate. Free for a month is a sad hustle attempt.