Atlanta, Georgia

McDonalds' employees don't even ask you whether or not you want to upsize, they just do it here in the Aiken, SC McDonalds. I have had this happen quite a number of times in the last few months.

Most people at the drive-thrus don't pay any attention but I certainly do and found that it is a habit rather than the exception. They also don't give you credit if change a drink to another drink. Say I want a milkshake instead of the coke with the meal.

They don't give you the coke and charge you the entire price for a milkshake. That is STEALING!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Milkshake.

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Also if you cannot afford a milkshake just take the coke. No need for them to give you it for the same price.

They are not a food bank. Get a job so you can afford to treat yourself to a milkshake


They are not stealing if you are having trouble making up your mind. How are they to know what you want if you keep changing your mind. Unless you are the one stealing and doing this to distract them from paying what you owe them.


you're a *** if you don't understand that it costs more to make a milkshake instead of simply putting coke in a cup.


If you do not want the drink and want a shake instead they must charge you the difference. It IS NOT stealing.

It even says it on the menu that you can change it for an additional price. Shakes are up to a dollar more in price and if they gave you it for the price of a regular drink it would lose the store money.

It is a business, and this is how business works. Get over it.


Each franchise is different, so that particular franchise may be asked to just upsize it to the next size unless otherwise asked not to.

So let's say you ordered a Quarter Pounder meal, you asked for a milkshake, you are mad they charge you for the shake? If that's the case, the shake costs more so they have to charge the difference. Believe it or not, that is practiced through the entire USA, and not just at McD's but at Burger King, Wendy's, Arby's, etc....