1425 Missouri Blvd, Jefferson City, MO 65109, USA
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I was at a McDonald's in Jefferson City MO and an employee was so rude to me and my brother was asking for condiments and a straw and the employee told us "Next time order that **** at the ordering box" then he continued to be rude after I was telling him he doesn't have to be so rude. Then he sent another employee out with our things he came outside to continue to be rude. I worked at McDonald's before and anytime a customer asks for anything doesn't matter weather if it's next to me or not I do what they ask it's our job to please and Jeep our customers happy, its just rediculous on how people get a job and have the worst attitude in the world like we owe them something.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Cashier.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Eating the fast food junk that McDonalds serves is as unhealthy as gorging yourself on Twinkies and Ding *** every day.


Once I wen t with a friend and his wife to the McDonalds in Ashville, North Carolina and my friend shocked me when he pulled out a whole bunch of large ziplock type bags and began to fill each one up with a separate condiment. One he filled with mayonnaise packets, one with ketchup packets, one with mustard packets, one with sugar packets.

And he took a very large stack of napkins as well. I was scared that somebody was going to confront him, but they didn't, Now I agree, that that way taking it too far. But they shouldn't be so strict about giving you just a few extra of whatever you need. I always prefer to ask for separate condiment packets so that I can put them on my sandwich myself, that way I could see if someone had spit into my sandwich.That man was being penny wise and pound foolish.

Hey, they already ripped you off for several dollars, what's a few cents worth of condiments? They should save their anger and confrontations for when people like my friend come with plastic bags to fill up.