Odessa, Florida
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So upset with the attention of the people who is in charge at nights!

We usually go drive thru and tonight my kids and I wanted to have ice cream cones. As we were driving to the line we saw a guy with two ice cream cones in his hands; immediately we got to make our order, with the surprise that the guy on the speaker phone said they were not selling ice cream cones!

I told him that we saw this guy with ice cream cones and he started arguing with us. I left very disappointed for his bad service. Then I called the place and asked for the manager and the girl who answer said she was the "manager on duty"(Melissa). Her way of talking of course was not as she were the manager.

As soon as I told her what have happen she said that they just started selling ice cream cones and maybe I went too early! First I just left that place and second; how come they sell something to some but not others? Do they choose their customers or what?

Even though you are fixing that place and making it bigger, it doesn't matter if you don't train your employees in customer service, knowledge\e of the products, good attitude and cleanness in general! Some employees at the afternoon weekdays are much better than the ones at night on weekends; very disappointed!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I am surprised that they talked to you on the phone. I wouldn't.


Once my mama got an obscene phone call. She was hard of hearing and so she said that the person who called her was saying *** You over and over real fast like an auctioneer and probably got in 50 *** You's before she realized what they were saying and she hung up. She said "Some people pay alot of money to get phone calls like that, and I got one for free and I Didn't even want it!"


It's McDonald's. Better to not get your children into the habit of patronizing the place if you care at all about their health and well being now and in the future.