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I went to McDonalds on todays date, October 21st to order two sweet tea's with no ice through the drive thru. I paid for my order the proceeded to the next window for pick up.

When the guy at the pick up window told me to pull up to the bars and I replied for 2 tea's and he said yes. I sat waiting for 2 tea's for better than 13 minutes as I kept looking towards the door for someone to come out with my order. By this time another 3-4 minutes pass as I got tired of waiting and went inside. I asked for my money back as I stated that this is ridiculous I have to wait this long for my order.

The cashier spoke to someone in the back and I heard her say that the tea had to be made. I replied that someone could have told me that as I was waiting so long to receive my order. I have had terrible service at this particular McDonalds before. The cashiers do not greet you, or say thank you, they are not friendly or courteous.

I have tried to frequent this store as it is close to my home, but I'm done with this one. I will travel this extra miles for better service AS I WILL NOT GIVE MY BUSINESS TO THIS MCDONALDS AGAIN!

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Drive-through.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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How can you drink the sweet tea with no ice? I know some people order fountain drinks with no ice thinking they are getting more drink but fountain drinks are refrigerated and are usually under 40 degrees.

McDonald's ice teas are not refrigerated and before adding ice the drink is room temperature. Yuk!


she made of had ice available where shes going....