Madoc, ON K0K 2K0, Canada
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I would NOT even feed my dog McDonalds-----after working their what you see is unbelievable. They spit in your food, they drop your food on a dirty floor then pick it up and put the dropped food over to the customer---with a grin---as the employee knows what they have done.

It is not a laughing matter---let me see the employee eat it----now that is not going to happen. The customer service is the WORST I have ever witnessed . Oh ya don't forget about the burgers and chicken and fish they take out of the freezer--let it completely thaw then what is not used at closing time ---yipper you got it--the thawed out food gets re-frozen---then thawed again-----Look out people if you think you have the stomach flu-----RUN to your Doctor and get checked for food poisoning.

You probably have it-----You call a Health Board to get them in their----they only laugh at you saying it is McDonalds then hang up on you. McDONALDS IS VERY DISGUSTING AND VERY GROSS to say the least.Word of mouth is the only way to take McDonalds down-------and keep at your Politian to get the Health Board in these FAST food garbage places.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

McDonalds Cons: From the service to the food---it is very gross.

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