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04-17-19 I went through the drive through it was busy I waited at the screen no one took my order i pulled to other screen I asked the girl if the screen was broken she said no I said I’ve been waiting The other side was moving why didn’t you take my order she said I’ll get to you when I get to you she proceeded to argue back-and-forth with me I asked her for her name she said none of your business I pulled up next to the window she came out with her headset on staring me down I brought this to the attention of the general manager the next day she said she would contact me she never didI don’t want anything free I just would like this problem solved I would like this girl to be his accountable in the management to I’m disgusted with the service that your establishment gives and a lot of others people spend their hard earned money to eat and we get treated like trash super sick thank you hope this problem gets resolved

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Why do people with poor grammar and spelling call grown women girls? Is it out of disrespect, or is your English so poor that you do not know the difference between women and girls?

Her name is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. You still consider her a girl(child) so in theory you are perverted for wanting the name of a child and someone needs to investigate you. Stop acting like a child and learn how to wait your turn. Calling someone a girl when you are the one acting like a child is ridiculous.

If you are old enough to drive you are old enough to wait patiently for your turn. Remember it takes two to argue. I agreed that she handled it wrong. She should have walked away and called the police.

Too bad mommy was not in the car with you. When you argued back (yeah it takes two people to argue) she should have slapped you across the mouth and told you to go home and sit in your room. You see YOU ARE THE PROBLEM. Or maybe the problem are your parents who did not raise you right.

You want this WOMAN, not GIRL responsible for your actions, but what about your actions.

You are impatient and cannot wait your turn and you argued back as well. You want respect show respect yourself.