Last 22/02/2013 I went to McDonald in Amsterdam


McDonald Damrak 841012 LG Amsterdam - Time: 1:30

After ordering my big mac meal and chicken nuggets I asked for extra ketchup which the counter lady told me was in the bag.

Once I got ready to eat my burger I did realize

1. there was not enough ketchup (only 1 sachet)

2. the ketchup was not even Heinz (As all McDonald's have around the world)

I did get back to the counter and politely I asked for another sachet of ketchup. To my surprise to find that the lady on the counter told me I have to pay €0.5 and also wait for her to finish serving other people who was queuing.

Not only her rude attitude was against customer service in McDonald but the fact that I was being charge and made waiting for a ketchup is against any McDonald experienced I have ever had.

Long story short, I did have to wait 10 minutes for the lady to finish serving (as she was doing it in purpose) and by the time I got back to my seat, my burger was disgusting and cold.

I did asked for the manager and complaint about the service. I told them about the waiting 10 minutes for ketchup and as a result having a cold disgusting burger. Apparently, there is no customer complaint sheets at McDonald (reason is clear)

To my surprise, they did not care about it but they also start laughing talking in Dutch. A dutch speaking person told me they were laughing at me not eating the burger and how I am going to have to go home without eating it.

Just to say that as a multinational I do expect the same service in McDonald around the world and consistency on either charging or not for a bloody sachet of ketchup. And in any case, a customer should be noticed about their 1 ketchup policy and any extra at a charge of €0.5. None was the case but, additionally, somehow, the staff at McDonald found it very funny and decided that the best to do is laugh about it and do not bother whatsoever.

This may be just one reason more for me to do not ever go to a McDonald and I hope many people start realizing how awful this company is becoming loosing control of their franchises and offering none-to-nothing customer service.

Monetary Loss: $15.

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