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my name is dr avram yushan today december 15th 2011 i visited the mcdonald in nortfield new jersey together with my wife and two kids, i ordered them happy meals and told the employee that one was for a girl and the other one was for a boy , i got the meals came to the table and start to unpack i got the same toys for both ( next to me there was other family with kids dark of color) having different toys for boys and diff for girls my kids saw that and really wanted one for the girl and asked me to go change it i approach the cashier and told her do you have any other toys beside the one very nasty she tells me thats the only one without even looking in the bag i said ms the kids next to me have different toys you must have more then one she again nasty told me thats the only one we have it was very unprefesional and very very nasty ....i told them i will file a complaint at every dept and let them know how poorly they behave towards customers THE PLACE IS RUNNED BY A BLACK MUST I SAY and that i am white married to a asian and my kids being white i felt and still feel that THERE ARE MORE THEN ONE KIND OF TOYS IN THE STORE they just did not wanted to give me two diff ones and instead gave me two the same....its sad to see that some some people act like this towards other people and i really think they dont deserve to have a job! sincerely AVRAM

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Cashier.

Monetary Loss: $10.

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Aren't doctors supposed to be educated?


Quit playing the race card. Just because you didn't get what you want doesn't make it a race issue. Find a REAL reason to validate your petty complaint.

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