38667 Sussex Hwy, Delmar, DE 19940, USA
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I went to Delmar McDonald’s in Delmar DE. For four McDoubles with no pickle.

I went thru the drive thru came home and I got 4 cheese burger wrapped in McDouble paper. Called the store they told me to come in with my Receipt At this time I just wanted my money back and to only pay for the cheeseburgers. But the manager was very rude and only gave me a dollar back not 2.76 and then told me he was going to call the cops. If I don’t leave.

It’s not my fault that my order was wrong he didn’t even try to fix my order just yell at me in front of other customers and tell me he’s was calling the cops!? For what reason what did I do wrong and this man is a manager I would like for someone to call me back at 302 5194991 ASAP thanks

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Manager.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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There's just something about McDonald's that we can't resist.

No matter how unhealthy or sleazy things are, it's a place where everyone can feel welcome, from the Bedraggled Homeless and poor people, to Famous Stars like the Kardashians, O.J., Bill Clinton and Donald Trump. McDonald's is a place where everyone feels welcome to come and enjoy indulging in decadent super-sided junk food in a guilt free welcoming atmosphere.


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