San Antonio, Texas
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My morning was going well until breakfast at the Mc Donald's on Kittyhawk in Converse, Tx 78109 I ordered my food through the drive thru window it was not made properly so I went inside and asked to speak to the manager once the manager approached the counter I explained to her that my meal was incorrect she took my bag and proceeded remake my order but was making smart remarks like people need to learn how to order and they food won't be made wrong I asked her was she referring to me and she said nothing just sat my meal on the counter and walked off with a dry apology about my meal I wouldn't recommend this place to anyone and my kids love Mc Donald's this manager Amanda needs a review of her job title seriously

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Unless she was speaking directly to you it wasn't any of your business. You must be a very self-conscious person to think she was talking about you.

For all you know, if she was talking to another employee they could have been referring to a previous conversation. I'm sure the manager wasn't running around talking to herself, so therefore, she was either talking to you or to another employee.

If she had been talking to you, you wouldn't have had to ask if she was talking about you. Grow up!