Nevada, Iowa
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I went to the drive thru window to buy my lunch. It took ten minutes to place my order, and then it took them another seven minutes to bag my order.

It was a simple order. It should not have taken so long. When the young employee gave me my food, I asked her what had taken so long.

She snapped at me and yelled "we are busy." This happened between 2:15 and 2:32 PM on Thursday April 25th, 2013 at the Nevada, IA Mcdonalds. I think her behavior was rude, and I think their service time was far too long.

Monetary Loss: $7.

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Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #642395

You don't have any idea how busy they were inside the store. For all you know they could have had a bus full of people inside.

It does happen at fast food places, in some instances the bus has to park someplace else and the riders walk to the restaurant. Also there are instances where a bus full of people are on a time schedule and the bus calls ahead and places the order and gives the ETA that they will pick it up. When something like that happens the people working are rushing to get that large order ready for pick up at a specific time. The reason your order could have taken so long could be because they had to wait for your fries or soemthing like that.

Anyway I wouldn't have asked the employee what took so long.

I would have assumed they were busy, no matter the time of day it was. I have worked in fast food and know what types of different things can cause a rush.

to S0_Sad #642344

I'm sure it's not the "biggest" thing he has to complain about in his entire life, but this site was made for consumers to complain and he is a complaining consumer. It's not made for people to complain ONLY about the biggest things in life...that's for your psychologist.

to S0_Sad Ocala, Florida, United States #652602


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