Waco, Texas

I went to McDonalds around lunch time, ordered, and pulled up at the 1st window to pay. I hand the cashier my credit card, and she attempts to run it through the machine.

Then again. and again. She then inspects the machine. Now she is walking off.

Moments later, the manager (I presume) is inspecting the machine, and runs my card through it again. They then come to the mastermind conclusion that their machine is down (I know it is not my card-it had worked just a few minutes before this). They ask me to pay in cash. I do not carry around lots of cash: I find it unsafe and impractical.

Fortunately I had cash on me and was able to pay. As the cashier is handing me my change, she drops it out the window. This was an exceptionally windy day, so I figure it's blown away. The cashier then yells at me to 'grab it'.

Foolishly, I try to open my car door, and proceed to hit it against the brick siding of McDonalds. I know this is more my fault, but I feel that it is not the customer's obligation to chase down change that the cashier drops. I did manage to pick the change up off the ground . After all this, the manager (who has been standing there the whole time) hands me my food.

I have probably been parked here for 7-8 minutes at this point. I start to inspect my food, and the manager rudely says to me, "Sir, could you please pull forward, there's a long line". How is the long line my problem?

If your restaurant's simple technology worked, I would have been out of here in 1-2 minutes. Oh, and the fries were turned upside down in the bag....lol I'm actually not that upset, as my expectations for McDonalds are typically quite low.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Cashier.

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I would have been pissed if I were the customers behind you. You could have been considerate and pulled into a parking spot to inspect your food. Not the entire world revolves around you, believe it or not.


You don't have to take out your experience on the other customers behind you. Ignorant *** americans


I wonder if some of these people who go to the drive thru if they are actually even old enough to drive.