Cincinnati, Ohio

I am a Vietnam disabled verteran, on oxygen 24 hrs a day.I was shopping at a local Walmart in Cincinnati, with a McDonalds located inside Walmart. I paid for my purchases & started into McDonalds to get a coffee to go.

I had my grocery cart & my oxygen tank in the cart. When I started to enter McDonalds, which had NO customers, two employes yelled at me & told me that I was not allowed in with my cart, I tried to explain that I only wanted a coffee to go & was refused. I was told that I was not allowed in with my cart.What a great way to treat your EX customer at Christmas time.There is such a thing as American Disability Act & I am going to see if they enforce their rules.

McDonalds sent me a letter apologizing for the bad service. There was no service, was not allowed in.To the two employes that was working that day, hope some day when you are old that you are treated the same way.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Customer Care.

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Columbus, Ohio, United States #601737

I have to agree with funny man. And I feel bad for your disability, my mother was a smoker and on oxygen.

But ADA does not apply to shopping carts. I would guess with all of your health problems, you probably should not be driving.

Have someone drive you around, and they could get your coffee. You need a girlfriend :)

Funny Mann

I'm not trying to be a *** but it's not an age thing it's a safety hazard. The store can be empty or full doesn't matter.

They have to enforce that rule because if OSHA is there and sees this they get the fine not you. Thanks for what you did for our country but that card is getting played out.

Rules are rules. You should know better.

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